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A crane used to be called Tazu in old times, but has been called Tsuru since the Heian period.

It has been a symbol of longevity and a good omen since ancient times.

In addition, since cranes become a couple until they are parted by death, they are called couple cranes, and crane imagery is used in weddings.

Cranes are also considered blissful birds which can reach heaven or lead to the celestial realms because their calls are delivered to a far away place.


Because there is a popular belief that making 1,000 folded-paper cranes grants longevity and recovery from diseases, they are often made as a gift to a hospitalized patient.

It is my pleasure if you would purchase one of these and see it as a good omen and a symbol of safety for your family.


* Artwork by Taiji Hamada is used. The copyright is licensed.


Depth is given to the image by finely changing the color and shading of the wings, and there is an attractive contrast which is different from that of a painting.

The beauty of this work is worth seeing.

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