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My thoughts about the works

Using fabrics which had been traditionally manufactured in Japan since olden times (silk crepe, felt, and gold brocade),
I tried to draw the polish and texture of threads with a sewing machine, and made the works with the thought of spreading the beauty of ukiyo-e and Japanese scenery to the world.

It took as long as 5 years to start selling my works, but I am now confident that the degree of perfection of my finished works cannot be beaten by anyone.
I use delicate colors traditionally used in Japan, and there are many variations, so I hope you can enjoy a work with your favorite color that suits your home. It is a great pleasure for me as as a maker to create works that bring beauty to the homes of my clients.

Selected fabrics are used.

Chirimen (crepe)

Chirimen has been produced in Japan since ancient times, and currently the main place it is produced is the Tamba area of Kyoto.

A woven textile using untwisted thread as the warp thread and strongly twisted thread as the weft thread.

It is often used as fabric for making a high-quality kimono.

Truthfully, it is a very difficult textile to work with. However, I want you to enjoy Chirimen’s unique coloring and texture and see the beautiful uneven surface created only by my favorite Chirimen.

Kinran (gold brocade)

It was brought from China to Sakai, Japan in the 1500s, and it is used as material for making an obi (a broad sash worn with a kimono) or a doll’s kimono.

I wanted to borrow the grace and gorgeousness of the gold-colored fabric in these works that I made.

Mosen (felt)

Mosen is often used as a rug in Japanese-style cafés.

It has been used in Japan since around the Heian period (794 - late 12th century). It is not a web composed of warp and weft, but a cloth made by pressing together fibers of wool, so it is fragile and breaks when too much force is applied. However, I accept the challenge of working with this material because I’m attracted to Mosen’s unique color.

It is my wish that you will take the beauty created by the unique history, culture, and art of Japan that will never fade in your hand.

The works are carefully made piece-by-piece, and cannot be mass-produced.

I might have to keep you waiting, but since I make the works with my whole heart, I hope you will like them.

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