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Representative:   Chizuko Mastukawa
Residence:            Nara prefecture Japan
Hobby:                  Overseas  trip(USA / France / Italy / Germany etc)
Musics:                  Salsa
Favorite areists:   Mark Anthony / Ricky Martin / india


When I was a child, my mother often made me clothes, and I have been fascinated by dressmaking and handicraft since I was young. I graduated from a dressmaking school, and found employment with an apparel company.

However, I changed my career and worked as a normal office worker for years before retiring from that job. Since then, friends have often asked me to sew things for them.
Among these various sewing projects, there was a request for a banner. It was for decorating a float called danjiri, which is mainly used in festivals in the Osaka area. I made it stitch by stitch with a home sewing machine. It took half a year to complete.

When I finished it, I was highly praised by people who saw it, and since then, I have become interested in the world of embroidery.
I also liked going to fabric shops. When I was looking at the fabrics, I would think about if I could use the fabric for embroidery and create a wide variety of embroidered works with vibrant colors of thread. In this process, I came up with the idea of making works that could introduce Japanese culture to the world. I purchased a special-purpose machine for embroidery, and began to make embroidery of ukiyo-e, Japanese cranes, cherry blossoms, and other motifs.
I refined these designs by trial and error by myself, and it took 5 years to finish these works.

A piece of work is made with at least 300 thousand stitches, and it takes about 4.5 hours to finish.
Since I do planning, manufacturing, and sales by myself, I cannot mass-produce, but since I make them with great devotion, I hope you can wait until the work is delivered.

I sell from my home page, and also exhibit at exhibition sites in some countries. Please come and look at them in-person if you live in the neighborhood.





The Hive Galley and studios / The Unitd States [LA] 

Paris Japan expo / France
Jadite Galleries / The  Unitd States [NY]


Japanweek / Prague,the Czech Republic 



Paris Japan expo / France


The Hive Galley and studios / The Unitd States [LA] 


The local Hotel / The  Unitd States [NY]


Artrates London gallery / London


Salon Art Shopping / France

Artrates London gallery / London


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