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2022年 ギャラリー芸術大賞受賞


北斎 冨獄36景の赤富士の作品なんですが




一つの作品を完成させるのに、約半年ほどを要する為  余り投稿は出来ませんが、これからも地道に製作活動に勤しみたいと思っておりますので、応援など宜しくお願いします。

Awarded art award

It won an award about 5 years after starting production activities. Hokusai 36 Views of Fugoku Red Mt.Fuji I think I've finally been recognized I remember being very happy when I went directly to the venue to talk to him, and was told that he had never seen such an embroidery work. I came here mostly by myself, so I'm happy several times Your hard work has finally been recognized! It takes about half a year to complete one work, so I can't post much, but I would like to continue working steadily on my production activities, so please support me.


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