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Material:     Chirimen (crepe) (polyester) Machine sewing thread (polyester)

Frame:     Cypress  

Main unit

・S size:   Height 11 in     Width 9.1 in  Weight 600 g

                  Height 28 cm   Width 23 cm   Weight 600 g


・L size: Height 15.9 in  Width 12.4 in Weight 900 g

                   Height 40.5 cm  Width 31.5 cm Weight 900 g


Fittings and string are included (sent in a cypress box)

Products will be shipped around 10 days after confirming the order.




A beauty looking back

  • Since the articles are hand-made, there is not a piece which is perfectly the same as another. Therefore, the article you purchase may be different from the pictures on this website if it is observed in detail. We cannot accept returns or replacement for such a reason. We appreciate your kind understanding.